About Us

Focusing primarily on material handling solutions across industry sectors, Teknia Technologies is a provider of engineering solutions such as job manipulators, assembly & welding fixtures, robotic pick and place systems, leak testing applications, welding SPM, indexing systems and conveyors.  A veteran in the service sector, retrofitting electrical and instrumentation control and automation systems for process industries, OEMs and system integrators, we have extensive experience in providing impeccable solutions across a range of industry verticals.

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Mission & Vision


Teknia Technologies strives to deliver virtuous solutions in factory automation and the material handling systems discipline by leveraging multi engineering technologies and impeccable team work. We work alongside our customers to achieve manufacturing excellence through the delivery of the most ideal automation technology solutions.

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What We Do

Teknia Technologies is a fast-emerging player specializing in material handling solutions. We provide end-to-end technology solutions – from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, implementing, supporting and trading of advanced factory automation systems. Our team comprises of highly skilled technocrats with the knowledge and expertise to understand and keep pace with the needs of the manufacturing industry. We help our clients tackle their challenges and achieve t Read More

Our Products

Teknia Products are used in industrial robots, fiberoptics and photonics, vision systems, machine tools, assembly, semiconductor equipment, medical component laser machining, electronic manufacturing, and other high-performance industrial automation applications.

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